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The Magnificent Audacity of the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced courageous amendments to American nutrition label standards. The changes have already raised shrill responses from processed food manufacturers, which is an early and reliable signal that the new rules will benefit public … Continue reading

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A farm in San Francisco? This startup is doing it!

Special guest post by Mary Lemmer It was almost two years ago when I stood staring at my backyard in frustration. The almost 3,000 square foot space had previously hosted several outdoor parties, bringing together hundreds of people over great … Continue reading

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Food Isn’t Fixed. But We Are Fixing It Now.

2015. It’s hard to believe we’ve marked fifteen years in the new millennium. “2015” feels like that emblematic far-off year in a fantastical ‘80s movie. In that version of now, cars flew (or drove themselves?), eyeglasses displayed our email (oh … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Steal Their Playbook

“We are simply not winning the war. And it is a war.” Todd Putman, a former chief of marketing for Coca Cola North America, minced no words as he strolled across the stage at the 2014 Childhood Obesity Bay Area … Continue reading

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Flipping the Pyramid: “Cereal Killers” and the Scourge of Sugar

On January 29, 2014, I was privileged to view a screening of Donal O’Neill’s new hour-long documentary, “Cereal Killers.” The Kickstarter-backed film follows O’Neill (producer and protagonist) through Cape Town as he embarks on a medically-supervised departure from the routine … Continue reading

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Feeding 100 Trillion Friends: Produce or Pills?

If you’ve participated in foodie dinner table conversation in the past year, you’ve likely heard the term “microbiome” more than once.  Due in part to exceptional expository pieces such as Michael Pollan’s “Some of My Best Friends Are Germs,” the … Continue reading

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What “Big Ideas” In Food Get Funded In Silicon Valley?

Much has been written about the ascent of Silicon Valley (SV) as the go-to global incubator for transformational change.  SV has become the Jerusalem of the techno-optimist religion. In venture capital doctrine, the absolution of humanity’s sins begins with seed … Continue reading

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