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Stanford Food Summit 4

Stanford hosted Food Summit 4 on October 30th with the caption of “growing pathways to careers in food systems.” Below is a quick recap of the most interesting nuggets I gleaned from the event, following four main themes. 1) Growing … Continue reading

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Event recap: Panel on Online Grocery Delivery – Good Eggs, LolaBee’s Harvest, Plated, Webvan, and Free Spirit Farm

Last month I worked with Local Food Lab to put together a panel focused on the online grocery delivery business model, in its various manifestations. We had the pleasure of hosting the event at the Dutch consulate’s beautiful space on … Continue reading

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Rip van Wafels: SF-based startup brings a new coffee routine to American consumers

Rip van Wafels unveiled a brand-new website this month (featuring awesome infographics) detailing the unique, ritual consumption of its product. Beyond creating a deliciously authentic Dutch-inspired stroopwafel (two thin layers of wafel surrounding a caramel filling), is determined to redefine … Continue reading

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Event recap: San Franola Summer Food Summit

This is a shamefully late post but better late than never. I wanted to share some musings from an event last month: San Franola Granola, a local freshly-roasted granola producer, hosts quarterly food summits with the goal to “bring together … Continue reading

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The Future of Protein: Event recap

On Thursday night, I organized an event on behalf of the Food Startups group focused on innovation in protein. We featured a panel of entrepreneurs and investors working on both plant-based and insect-based protein sources. Wade Roush from Xconomy did … Continue reading

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Exo: Is that a cricket in my protein bar? I hope so!

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of entomophagy (edible insect consumption) ever since I heard about Don Bugito when visiting La Cocina in the summer of 2011 (Don Bugito is a San Francisco street food operation serving dishes inspired by … Continue reading

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Can We Be Saved From Our Own Appetites? by guest blogger Austin Kiessig

The Atlantic recently ran a cover story with the provocative title, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity.” Author David H. Freeman makes the case for why we must turn to big food companies to save us from our obesity crisis. … Continue reading

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