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Food Isn’t Fixed. But We Are Fixing It Now.

2015. It’s hard to believe we’ve marked fifteen years in the new millennium. “2015” feels like that emblematic far-off year in a fantastical ‘80s movie. In that version of now, cars flew (or drove themselves?), eyeglasses displayed our email (oh … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Steal Their Playbook

“We are simply not winning the war. And it is a war.” Todd Putman, a former chief of marketing for Coca Cola North America, minced no words as he strolled across the stage at the 2014 Childhood Obesity Bay Area … Continue reading

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Flipping the Pyramid: “Cereal Killers” and the Scourge of Sugar

On January 29, 2014, I was privileged to view a screening of Donal O’Neill’s new hour-long documentary, “Cereal Killers.” The Kickstarter-backed film follows O’Neill (producer and protagonist) through Cape Town as he embarks on a medically-supervised departure from the routine … Continue reading

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Feeding 100 Trillion Friends: Produce or Pills?

If you’ve participated in foodie dinner table conversation in the past year, you’ve likely heard the term “microbiome” more than once.  Due in part to exceptional expository pieces such as Michael Pollan’s “Some of My Best Friends Are Germs,” the … Continue reading

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The burger will cost you a buck. But the bad ideas are free!

By Austin Kiessig Amidst the preening flock of sanctimonious food-related articles that flit across our social media newsfeeds or strut into our inboxes each month, there is occasionally a dark horse.  Dark horse pieces in contemporary food writing stand out … Continue reading

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Can We Be Saved From Our Own Appetites? by guest blogger Austin Kiessig

The Atlantic recently ran a cover story with the provocative title, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity.” Author David H. Freeman makes the case for why we must turn to big food companies to save us from our obesity crisis. … Continue reading

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Weekly digest: Sunday, February 26

Favorites from February: LOVE the ripples created by Chipotle’s airing of their so-well-done “Back to the Start” ad during the grammys. Grist discusses: http://grist.org/factory-farms/ad-nauseum-did-chipotles-grammy-ad-scare-big-ag/ Check out Chemical Cuisine, new resource (and app) from the Center for Science in the Public … Continue reading

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